Residential Wiring

Standard Residential Wiring

The “Canadian Electrical Code” requires a “minimum” when it comes to wiring new homes. Our quotes are based on this “standard.” However, this does not mean that customers cannot add to this minimum requirement.

To avoid future misunderstandings between us and our customers it is helpful to identify as many needs as possible before a quote is given. Clients should give careful thought to all their needs before finalizing a package for quoting.

During our consultation with you, the customer, we will try to address all areas as best we can from our experience to make you aware of some things you may not have thought about. Some examples would be light fixtures vs. pot light or wall sconces, plugs in outside soffits on a switch for a Christmas lighting, kitchen under-cabinet or over-top of cabinet lighting, brighter flood lighting for security outside around the house on motion sensors for extra security, driveway lighting, intercom system, security system, communications or maybe speaker wiring for entertainment.

In some of these cases it is possible to “rough-in” wiring and make final connections in the future to ease financial strain at the end of the building stage. It is our intent to help you “think of everything” before “its too late” to get it installed. Check out our “Future Ready Homes” presentation.

We would be happy to consult with you!